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I am a hole in a flute God's breath moves through. Listen to the music....
~ Hafiz

Hafiz' poem says it all: When we open our hearts and minds and allow spirit to flow through us, we become beautiful music. It has been a joyful journey for me to hear and express this music and to help others become their music.
~ Shama

Shama's music is a World Beat melting pot reflecting the many mystical, spiritual, and musical influences in her life. Whatever the influence, the focus is the same—opening the heart through song and sound to lead us back to the inner knowing and peace within each of us.

CDs by Shama

Love Is Within features blissful and meditative songs by Shama to support Ho'oponopono Forgiveness Practice. Shama accompanies herself on keyboard with vocal and guitar accompaniment by Liliana Penaherrera. Many pieces on the CD are included as a part of Ho'oponopono Forgiveness workshops offered by Shama and Liliana. This CD includes pieces to set an intention to heal and forgive, open the chakras, create a sense of connectedness, and a deeply calming musical version of the forgiveness mantra "I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, I love You, and I Thank You." Other pieces focus on surrender and release. The music guides the way to a gentle opening to forgiveness and inner peace.

I Am Calling You features poetic inspired guidance by Frank Coppieters and accompanying songs and chants by Shama, recorded during live performances at the Living Light Center. Shama accompanies herself on keyboard with tabla by Rik Masterson, violin by Rose Okada, and cello by Sarah Adams. This CD captures the devotional rapture experienced by the audience on these evenings.

Jewel In The Lotus features songs and chants with different languages such as Sanskrit, Tibetan, Hebrew, Arabic, and Zulu. Shama utilizes mantra and sacred languages for the powerful energies they evoke, but weaves in poetic English translations that allow the listener to experience the ecstatic emotion carried by the meaning of her songs. Shama accompanies herself on the harmonium, keyboard, and tambura with help from a variety of musicians, including Michael Mandrell on guitar, Benjy Wertheimer on sarangi and tabla, Sarah Adams on cello, Sherilyn Cohn on harp, and Sanje (Frank Elliot) on flute.

Listen to excepts from these CDs on the Music Samples page.

Musical Events

Shama leads chanting events and she performs at concerts, churches, workshops, retreats, rituals, and ceremonies.

Read about upcoming events on the Events page, and see photos of past events on the Photo Gallery page.

Testimonials about Shama

Shama, I love your CD! These songs are beautiful, filled with peace, and also a radiant joy. Thank you!
~ Amitabhan, Musician

Inspiring and Soulful. Wonderfully arranged and presented. I highly recommend this work for those seeking more insight, joy, peace, comfort and Love.
~ Little Eagle, Review of I Am Calling You

Beautiful, from the heart of ancient joy!. Sacred one, your beautiful singing is from the overflowing divine that throbs with light and love! Gratitude for whom you are and the pure joy you share through your music!
~ nandhi, Review of Jewel in the Lotus

Shama's music is inspired. Whether I am listening to her on disc or live in concert, I am deeply moved by the depth of clarity and compassion that is channeled through her voice and chants. Her music is evocative and devotional; it opens my heart more fully and reminds me that at the core of all things, resides love.
~ Jessica Schaffer, Reiki Master
Portland, OR

The chants that Shama presents are truly "food for the soul." With her lovely voice, and captivating melodies, she carries us along on a journey that is filled with joy and love, and truly facilitates our connection with Spirit. The rhythms, sounds and meanings of the chants that Shama writes give us an opportunity to dive deeper into the heart of God within.
~ Marvella McPartland, Rapid Eye Therapist, Musician
Portland, OR

Shama's music has great purity and simplicity, yet is also sublime in its richness of spiritual bliss and harmony. Her debut CD is a work of exquisite, uplifting beauty, and her sacred and meditational songs and chants are a joy to listen to. She has become a big favorite with our congregation.
~ Mark Moerman, Former Music Director
Abundant Life Center / Vancouver, WA

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